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The future is inclusive. 

Get ahead with transformative learning experiences in innovation and leadership

with a special focus on diversity and inclusion.

Institute for Inclusive Innovation

These are our most popular learning experiences:


4 days

Utrecht, NL

Design inclusive (online) experiences, services and internal processes, and gain a competitive advantage.


2 days

Utrecht, NL

Develop the characteristics of an inclusive leader, and enhance both your personal effectiveness and the performance of your team.


2 days


There is no such thing as being normal. Discover your own diversity and how to make it work for the community. Great for teams!


2,5 hours 


Come up with over 50 creative ideas on diversity and inclusion. Challenge your team for an energetic workshop of 2.5 hours.

There is no such thing as being 'normal'

It is typically human to be a-typical. Yet products, services, and algorithms are developed by and for a largely homogenous demographic. This leads to a growing disconnect between organisations and their stakeholders. 


At Niet Normaal Institute for Inclusive Innovation (NNIII) we believe we need to leverage human diversity if we want to smoothly navigate our increasingly digital society. That's why we help organisations and individuals to find their competitive edge in a changing world that demands inclusive practices.


To do that, we offer transformative learning experiences with a special focus on diversity and inclusion. By taking part in our science based programmes, you develop future oriented business and leadership skills while leveraging diversity in yourself and others. 

Reasons why future-forward professionals choose our programmes

Transformative learning

Other than traditional corporate training, our programmes offer an occasion to expand your consciousness, widen your worldview and deepen your skillset.

Science based

Our methodology is rooted in science. All our learning experiences are co-developed with leading psychologist, social scientists and scholars.

Financial returns

Diverse companies benefit from 30% higher revenue per employee than less diverse companies, according to a report from Bersin by Deloitte.

Prefered employer

New generations of workers demand employers are actively inclusive and diverse.

We're proud to have worked towards inclusion

with these organisations

This is what our transformative sessions look like

How our science based learning experiences transform you

1. Action

We start off actively, by transforming the context of the programme into a safe space where you can be yourself.

3. Application

We explore strategies and tactics to make diversity work to the benefit of ourselves, the organisation we work for and society at large.

2. Analysis

As a group we analyse a-typicalities in ourselves and others. What super powers and what vulnerability does it bring?