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Inclusive Innovation Session

Half-day workshop

Come up with over 50 creative ideas on diversity and inclusion. Challenge your team for an energetic workshop of 2.5 hours.

What is it, and why is it important?

Although widely appreciated as an important driver of economic growth, innovation has also been established as a contributor to increasing economic and social inequalities. Such negative consequences are particularly obvious in the context of developing countries and extreme poverty, where innovation’s contributions to inequalities are considered an issue of social and economic exclusion.


In response, the concept of inclusive innovation has been developed to provide frameworks and action guidelines to measure and reduce the inequality-increasing effects of innovation. In simple terms, inclusive innovation is the means by which new goods and services are developed for and/or by those who have been excluded from the development mainstream.

Inclusive innovations create impact — whether incremental or game changing. They go beyond the pure invention process, as the objective is to create positive economic and social impact for. Inclusive innovation can sustain existing practices of a company, provide them with a competitive advantage, extend it by venturing in new markets or by developing new products. 

During this high-energy session, our innovation facilitators will inspire you with various brainstorming techniques. Your team will come up with over 50 solutions for your inclusive problem or challenge in just half a day.

Ways in which your team will transform after following this programme

Upon wrapping up this session:

  • Your team has developped a common language and overview of diversity and inclusion.

  • Participants have learned to think and act creatively. This mindset will continue to be useful after the workshop.

  • You will not have one solution, but 50+ creative ideas. The best ideas arise when you generate many options.

  • You will have a top 3 of most promising ideas, to develop further.


Who facilitates this session?

Minke Havelaar

Minke is an experienced facilitator, specialising in innovation and design strategies. It is her mission to empower professionals to practice inclusion and allyship in the workplace. 

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Find out if this programme is right for your team

This programme is perfect for teams who are eager to generate innovative business ideas that focus on diversity and inclusion. 

What it costs and what you get

This innovation session costs on average € 2.500. However, the price depends on the number of participants and the complexity of your challenge. This is why we will always create a custom made proposal.


Always included in the price are:

  • Three stakeholder interviews, shared with participants the week before the session. In preparation, our facilitators will interview three stakeholders to gain as much information as possible about their pains and gains: team members, clients, or higher management.

  • A custom made workshop programme of 2 - 3 hours, facilitated by one or two experienced facilitators

  • Workshop materials, including a life-sized poster with your branding, sticky notes, markers and other creative materials

  • A report capturing the ideas generated during the session, and a recap discussion via telephone

Excluded are:

  • Workshop space

  • Refreshments and/ or lunch

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