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2-day in-company workshop

There is no such thing as being normal. Discover your own diversity and how make it work for the community. 

What is it, and why is it important?

Appreciation and inclusion go a long way towards producing highly innovative, collaborative and productive teams. The most effective teams and leaders know the value that comes from recognizing the successes of those with whom they work. In many ways, how well your team handles difference depends on the example and standards you set. The way forward begins with you and the degree to which you are open and active about working to foster healthy, diverse, and inclusive environments and teams.


In this hackathon, we will develop strategies to communicate authentic appreciation and demonstrate allyship in meaningful ways. Your team will leave with strategies that will help them increase organizational productivity, job satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and physical and mental health in the workplace.

What does this hackathon entail?

​Day 1: Empathy building

  • In the first part of this hackathon we focus on empathy-building, to help your team build trust and  awareness around key diversity and inclusion concepts. We create a compassionate space for team members to open up and get to know each other at a deeper level, while building the foundation from which to continue the diversity and inclusion journey.


Day 2: Practicing appreciation and allyship

  • What does it mean to be a thoughtful ally? It's time to move past intentions into action. In this action packed second part of the hackathon, your team get a chance to practice appreciation and will learn about allyship best practices in a compassionate environment. 

Ways in which your team will transform after following this programme

Upon wrapping up this course:

  • Your team has developped a common language and overview of diversity and inclusion.

  • Participants have explored unconscious bias and how it impacts business environments and work relationships.

  • They have discovered how their own values, culture and experiences affect interactions with colleagues, attitudes about work, and understanding of workplace values.

  • The team has worked together on creating a safe, inclusive community. 

Find out if this programme is right
for your team

This programme has been developed for teams who ambition to create safer, more inclusive communities, and who are open to develop a set of pragmatic skills for safe and effective action.

What it costs and what you get

This hackathon costs on average € 5.000. However, the price depends on the number of participants and the complexity of your challenge. This is why we will always create a custom made proposal.


Always included in the price are:

  • Three stakeholder interviews, shared with participants the week before the session. In preparation, our facilitators will interview three stakeholders to gain as much information as possible about their pains and gains: team members, clients, or higher management.

  • A custom made, 2-day workshop programme, facilitated by two experienced facilitators

  • Workshop materials, including a life-sized poster with your branding, sticky notes, markers and other creative materials

  • A report capturing the ideas generated during the session, and a recap discussion via telephone

Excluded are:

  • Workshop space

  • Refreshments and/ or lunch

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