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In-company diversity courses or made-to measure learning solutions to make your team future-proof.

Does your team have training needs in inclusive innovation and leadership? Our transformation coaches are happy to put together a personalized programmes for you, which matches the learning goals of your team.


But the real learning only starts after the training, when your team applies the acquired knowledge in practice. That is why we recommend that you also plan a session with the trainer who will coach your team at a later time.

We also consult (cultural) institutions, curators and (event) organisers on creating lasting impact with their audiences.

We offer various transformation solutions, based on your team's needs.

Transformative talk

Make your event 21st century-proof with a thought-provoking talk on creativity, technology and social change.

Concept coaching - impact

With a track record of over 15 years in developing concepts that touch hearts and change minds, Niet Normaal coaches curators, (experience) designers, cultural entrepreneurs, strategists and other creative professionals in how to make real impact.

Inclusive innovation session

Diversity hackathon

Come up with over 50 creative ideas on diversity and inclusion. Challenge your team for an energetic workshop of 2.5 hours.

There is no such thing as being normal. Discover your own ánd your teammates' diversity and how to make it work for the community. Use the insights to create value propositions for your stakeholders. 

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